NUTRALYS® Plant Protein

Change food and you change everything

NUTRALYS® isn’t one ingredient: It’s many. Sourced from Europe and North America’s most discerning growers, raised and stored according to the industry’s leading quality protocols, processed in some of the world’s busiest plant protein facilities – every product in the NUTRALYS® line is designed to deliver the sustainable nutrition your consumers want, with the availability and consistent quality you need.
But every NUTRALYS® ingredient is different, too. From specific nutritional needs to ideal functionalities, each product meets the need for a particular market segment. You can use NUTRALYS® for a wide range of applications – and the possibilities are growing every day.

NUTRIOSE® Soluble Fiber

Fiber is back for good: health, fiber enrichment, sugar reduction

NUTRIOSE® is a range of plant-based soluble fibers with a neutral taste to preserve the original taste of your products, a high process stability and an outstanding digestive tolerance clinically proven.
Obtained from non-GMO raw materials (wheat, corn, or pea) it offers a reliable high fiber level and friendly labeling such as gluten-free, kosher, and Halal-certified. This soluble, non-viscous fermentable fiber NUTRIOSE® is a unique ingredient with multiple digestive health benefits.
Simple to use whether to supplement nutrition in existing formulation or to replace sugars. It is a key to innovation and can be used virtually in any process.

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