The health benefit of NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber

Thanks to this higly documented monograph written by Laetitia GUERIN-DEREMAUX, Nutrition&Health Senior Research Manager, learn more about the health benefits of NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber.

  • NUTRIOSE® offers a wide range of benefits for health prevention in addition to simply fortifying the fiber content of food and drink. 
  • This soluble fiber may be used as part of an integrated solution to improve blood glucose management as NUTRIOSE® helps maintaining healthy blood glucose levels and controls fluctuations after a carbohydrates challenge.
  • NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber is a well-tolerated fiber, acting as a targeted prebiotic on general intestinal well-being.
  • Sustained colonic fermentations from NUTRIOSE® contribute to the daily energy supply for wholebody metabolism, and may be a key factor in providing long-lasting energy.
  • The health benefits of NUTRIOSE® may be attributed to the modulation of specific aspects of the gut ecosystem.

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