Antioxidant supplements are gaining popularity due to their various health benefits. Many of these antioxidants are available as conventional film-coated tablets. Cellulosic polymers such as HPMC are widely used in film coating of these tablets, but suffer from drawbacks such as a strong tendency to interact with antioxidant polyphenolic actives, resulting in formation of a sticky gel, which significantly increases tablet disintegration time.
A novel pregelatinized, hydroxypropyl starch polymer (LYCOAT®), ensures minimal interaction with polyphenolic actives and does not prolong disintegration time of coated tablets. This study presents data supporting the superior compatibility of LYCOAT® in aqueous film coating of tablets with polyphenolic actives, resulting in minimal changes in disintegration time of LYCOAT®coated tablets and significantly faster polyphenol dissolution profiles compared to HPMC.