The poster presents the results of an in vitro digestion study of Hyper Branched Starches (HBS). HBS are slow carbohydrates as requested e.g. in sport food. These new polymers are also valuable for parenteral formulations as osmotic agents or plasma volume expander.


  • Due to the adaptable digestibility (mainly correlated with the branching rate), HBS could be valuable for applications where reduced metabolism speed is needed. These new starches are "slow carbohydrates" as requested e.g. in sport foods.
  • It could also serve as a regulator of the digestion speed and of the intestinal absorption, inducing longer lasting diffusion toward the plasmatic compartment.
  • These new polymers are a source of slowly available glucose, such as classified by Englyst [3]. HBS may also have prolonged plasma half time when injected, so that they are valuable candidates for all parenteral applications such as plasma volume expander or osmotic agents for peritoneal dialysis. The absence of any other bond than 1,4 and 1,6 should guarantee a high clinical tolerance and the absence of immunological reactions, such as those known for dextrans.